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Truly Luxurious Body Butter

Updated: May 8, 2020

Butylated Hydroxyanisole. What does that even mean? Can you even pronounce that? BHA, that, my friends, is one of the main ingredients found in many body lotions on the market today. That stuff is a carcinogen, it messes with your hormones and can cause liver damage. And yet, we rub countless amounts of it on our skin and our childrens skin, our body's largest organ, every single day, even multiple times a day! Let's toss the Bath and Body Works chemicals and change all that shall we?

How does shea butter, sound? How about coconut oil? We could even throw the word organic into the mix! Now that sounds much better, doesn't it? Those are some of the main ingredients in my body butter, along with cocoa butter, almond oil, essential oils and arrowroot powder (a natural thickener from the arrowroot plant). Your body knows exactly what those ingredients are and how to process them with ease. Each ingredient geared toward hydrating your skin for a beautiful glow all year round.

My Peaceful Sleep body butter is currently $15.00 for an 8oz tub. It has a subtle, natural scent that doesn't linger, unlike artificial fragrances. Please contact us for an order, you will love this luxurious, creamy body butter!

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