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Why stay away from chemicals?

The entire purpose of our business is to offer products that are as natural as possible. If you have ever read a label to almost anything you can buy at the drug or beauty store, there would be ingredients that you would certainly scratch your head at. A deep dive Google search is needed just to figure out what's in your child's body lotion. And even if you figure out exactly how they make that filler or fragrance oil, they will try to convince you it is needed or safe. I passionately believe it should not be that complicated. I also don't believe I need to persuade you into feeling safe with what is in our products. You can clearly see it on our labels, no internet search required.

A lot of products commercial companies sell contain things that we have been conditioned to accept. Let's take the very simple concept of putting alcohol in lotion and hair care products. Go look at the products in your shower or cabinet and I guarantee you, you'll find alcohol hiding in there. The purpose of companies putting alcohol in these things is to make a more desirable consistency. Just like at the grocery store, you see all the perfect produce lined up on the shelves. What most people don't realize is the thousands of pounds of not-so-pretty produce that is thrown away every day. Why? Because you are more way appt to pick a perfect pepper than one that's a little curved at the end. And just like that, people think lotion should disappear instantly from their skin. Once applied, we expect it to vanish like a magician came in so we can hurry to get our jeans on and out the door. On the contrary, although alcohol leaves our skin and hair less oily on contact, it dries out our skin and hair which causes long term damage.

There are so many ingredients commercial companies use that we could break down together that you would certainly find alarming. A lot of beauty and household products contain carcinogens. We are rubbing into our skin and hair, breathing in and wearing cancer causing chemicals. Nothing could be more concerning than that. And on a lesser note, most commercial products are made to make you keep needing more. Just like sneaking that alcohol into lotion and hair care, you need huge amounts and need to apply so often you are at the bottom of the container before your next grocery trip. These fillers and chemicals are so incredibly unnecessary.

Putting it in the most simple light, just like eating a clean diet, your body craves things that are natural because it knows what it is! Your body could care less how fast something dissolves or how pretty it is. It cares if it works and is good for you. When you rub coconut oil on your skin it says "Oh, yes, coconut oil, I know just what to do with that to help myself." But when it sees man made, artificial chemicals and compounds there is microscopic chaos because it is unnatural to our bodies and it goes into hyperdrive to figure out what to do with all the nonsense.

I strongly encourage you to read the labels on EVERYTHING you buy. Do a quick Google search on the ingredients you don't know. If you have children, take a look at their products and see what they are putting in/on/around their bodies. They will thank you in the future. Our goal at Peace of Mind is to always bring you the safest products and be knowledgeable about every ingredient we use. We research and design our recipes to ensure they are effective when applied and all the days after. The health benefits of our products is our top priority. We want you to feel good about what you are using and reap the benefits in the future.

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