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Sugar Scrubs

Updated: May 8, 2020

Scrubs have become super popular over the past few years. Everyone has learned their magical ways of exfoliating AND moisturizing at the same time. They get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and build up and then hydrate your beautiful skin hiding underneath. Our scrubs leave you feeling hydrated all day long and improve your skin's health long term. That is because one of the main ingredients is extra virgin, cold pressed, organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is so incredibly good for your skin's health and elasticity. Combine that with a natural exfoliant like pure cane sugar and you've given your skin exactly what it needs to look and feel healthy.

The best way to use our scrubs is by adding it to your shower routine, applying it anywhere you'd like in a circular motion and rinsing it away. Using it before shaving is also so fantastic to help with irritation and leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Our sugar scrubs are $15.00 for an 8oz jar. They currently come in Peaceful Sleep, Candy Cane and Sweet as a Rose. Contact us for any orders, these also make great gifts. Once you give these a try you'll always want them on hand!

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The scrubs are my favorite!

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